ubiqam Pimfix™ 

Ubiqam’s patented PiMFiX™ technology performs powerful PIM removal to clean the uplink receive spectrum by utilizing frequency components of the PIM generating downlink transmit signals.   PiMFiX™ technology draws upon the vast experience gained over the years by Ubiqam’s UBiFiX™ external interference mitigation technology and products.

PiMFiX™ utilizes the LTE downlink transmit signals on the CPRI interface to train the algorithms for optimal cancellation performance regardless of the number of PIM generating elements (“diodes”) at the site. Utilizing the downlink signal components provides superior mitigation of the LTE generated PIM in contrast to “uplink only” processing which is tailored to remove only non-LTE interferers. Hence, PiMFiX™ achieves optimal cancellation levels, restors noise floor to its original pre-PIM.

The PiMFiX™ innovative centralized processing architecture is based on processing all transmit and receive signals related to the PIM interference at a central location. Up to 8 radios can be connected simultaneously and have their Downlink and Uplink signals processed. This architectural advantage, coupled with extensive processing power, and innovative powerful and efficient algorithms, results in the highest level of PIM removal at the most challenging massive MIMO scenarios.

PiMFiX™ enables operator to maintain optimum Downlink transmission power, thus eliminating the need for undesired transmit power reduction to lower uplink path PIM interference. PiMFiX™ mitigation also results in significant improvement of KPIs, such as coverage, throughput, retainability and accessibility. The solution can be extended to provide Spectral Intelligence and external interference insight. It provides a complete suite of tools for the automation of RAN performance optimization processes and significant OPEX savings.

Passive Intermodulation Mitigation

Ubiqam PiMFiX™

PIM cancellation OVER CPRI 

PIM protection of up to eight LTE radios (RRUs) 

  • Up to 25dB of tangible PIM cancellation
  • Restoring pre-PIM noise-floor
  • Centralized processing architecture
  • Utilizing downlink transmission components

Macro, DAS and C-RAN applications

Simple and quick installation

  • 2U rackmount front-access enclosure
  • Seamlessly installed between RRU and BBU
  • Zero e-NodeB configuration requirements
  • Embedded Optical Line Protection

Local and remote control and monitoring options via UBi-EMS and UBiView:

  • Configuration and monitoring
  • View of collected signals and spectrum
  • Real time and historical data

Significant improvement of voice and data KPIs and regain of optimal downlink transmit power