Ubiqam’s UBiFiX™ solution is assisting mobile operators to protect and extract the most out of their licensed spectrum by cancelling external interference at the input of a cellular base-station receiver. The solution is an add-on product easily installed between the site antennas and the protected radio. The unit automatically acquires and tracks any non-cellular interference signals and cancels them using multiple inputs received from the cellular site diversity / MIMO antennas. Cancellation level of up to 40dB enabling continuous high quality base-station operation even under extreme interference conditions. The UBiFiX™ system is designed as a base-station simple add-on to minimize integration process at operator’s site. The unit operates independently and autonomously without involving the protected receiver. The UBiFiX™ DUPLEX outdoor product is designed to be deployed under a wide variety of cell-site architectures including indoor eNodeB as well as fiber fed RRUs installed on a tower, rooftop or anywhere else. No calibration or training process is required, simply connect the unit’s RF Inputs to the antenna, RF Outputs to the Radio and an Ethernet cable to receive PoE from the UBiFiX™ Control Unit (UCU) enabling unit powering, control, monitoring and signals spectrum logging via a single Ethernet cable.




  • Protects base-station receiver against in-band and out-of-band external interference
  • Significant rejection of up to 40dB of both narrow band and wideband interference
  • Dramatic improvement of voice and data KPIs
  • Innovative use of site's receive diversity/MIMO automatic interference cancellation
  • Simple add-on product installed between antennas and protected receiver with no need for special integration
  • Supports indoor and outdoor installation, full TMA functionality including failure safe bypass mode
  • Powering options including PoE from UCU and -48VDC
  • Continuous signal monitoring and analysis via UCU providing spectral insights