​Immediate protection of up to four LTE sectors (RRHs) from

  • Wideband and narrowband external interference on Uplink
  • Internal or external PIM

Macro, DAS and C-RAN applications

Simple and quick installation

  • Seamlessly installed between RRH and BBU
  • Zero e-NodeB configuration requirements
  • Embedded Optical Line Protection
  • Installation-kit included

Flexible LTE spectrum processing

  • 2T/2R, 2T/4R  and  4T/4R antenna configurations

Local and remote control and monitoring options via UBi-EMS and UBiView:

  • Configuration and monitoring
  • View of collected signals and spectrum

Significant improvement of voice and data KPIs resulting of up to 40dB interference ellimination 


UBiFiX™  OPTiX™ 

Ubiqam’s UBiFiX™ solution empowers mobile operators in protecting and extracting the most out of their licensed spectrum by cancelling external interference at the input of a cellular base-station receiver. The solution is an add-on product; easily installed inline the fiber (CPRI) connecting the site BBU and the protected radio. The unit automatically acquires and tracks any non-cellular interference signals and cancels them by using multiple inputs received from the cellular site diversity / MIMO antennas.

Cancellation level of up to 40dB enabling continuous high-quality base-station operation; even under extreme interference conditions. The UBiFiX™ system is designed as a base-station simple add-on to minimize integration process at operator’s site. The unit operates independently and autonomously without involving the protected receiver. The UBiFiX™ OPTiX™ indoor product can be deployed in any site architecthture - Macro, DAS, oDAS, COW, C-RAN, etc. This solution is extremely compact and flexible, incorporating four interference cancellation engines; as well as powering and communication modules in a compact 2RU space.

Ubiqam’s UBiFiX™ OPTiX™ CPRI solution draws upon the vast experience gained over the years by the UBiFiX™ RF platform in active mitigation of a large portfolio of uplink interference scenarios. The mitigation resulting in significant improvement of KPIs, such as uplink and downlink coverage, throughput, retainability and accessibility. The solution is extended to provide Spectral Intelligence (SI) and PIM mitigation in addition to mitigation of narrow-band and wide-band external interference. It provides a complete suite of tools for the automation of RAN performance optimization processes and significant OPEX savings.