• Protects base-station receiver against narrowband and broadband external interference
  • Dramatically improves voice and data KPIs (Voice drops, PS drops, EUL drops, etc.)
  • Utilizing site's receive diversity/MIMO automatically cancelling narrow band and wide band interference by up to 40dB
  • Simple add-on product installed between antennas and protected receiver with no need for special integration
  • Continuous signal monitoring and analysis providing spectral insights
  • Failure safe base-station operation ensured with bypass mode.
  • Compact and modular design supporting up to 3 sectors in 1U rack-space 



Ubiqam’s UBiFiX™ solution is assisting mobile operators to protect and extract the most out of their licensed spectrum by cancelling external interference at the input of a cellular base-station receiver. The solution is an add-on product easily installed between the site antennas and the protected radio. The unit automatically acquires and tracks any non-cellular interference signals and cancels them using multiple inputs received from the cellular site diversity / MIMO antennas. Cancellation level of up to 40dB enabling continuous high quality base-station operation even under extreme interference conditions. The UBiFiX™ system is designed as a base-station simple add-on to minimize integration process at operator’s site. The unit operates independently and autonomously without involving the protected receiver. The UBiFiX™ SIMPLEX modular indoor product is designed to be deployed in DAS applications and other cell-sites configurations where separate receive path cabling is available. This solution is extremely compact and flexible, incorporating three interference cancellation modules as well as powering and communication modules in a compact 1RU space. Modular design enables protecting a three sector site or a combination of multiple frequency bands within a single UBiFiX™ SIMPLEX unit.